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UNIDEL is an automation technologies group focused on the Industrial IoT, FinTech and EdTech segments
Sometimes Innovation Is Just About Observation

Founded in 1973, UNIDEL started as a manufacturing company in the electro-mechanical engineering space, eventually growing into a leading industrial automation group. Through its history, UNIDEL has operated several joint ventures in the industrial automation space in partnership with global MNCs – Parker Hannifin-SSD Drives USA, Invensys-Eurotherm UK, Ametek-Land USA, Honeywell-Matrikon Canada.

In 2007, UNIDEL shifted its focus towards software technology-based solutions by taking advantage of rapidly changing market trends. Since then, UNIDEL has established itself as a global software group with operating companies that cut across sectors being reshaped by technology.

Through its history, UNIDEL has led pioneering efforts to create many first of its kind products and solutions. In the last decade, UNIDEL has not only achieved important technical milestones but has also re-invented traditional business models creating new categories and growth opportunities. UNIDEL’s businesses play to global data led disruptions that help critical and informed decision-making.

What’s In A Name?

The origins of the “UNIDEL” name goes back to the beginning of our Innovation Journey in 1973. Digital Electronics Ltd or DEL was our first company and over time became synonymous for our group’s values – Agility, Innovation, Dependability and Excellence. As we expanded through the 1990’s into a group of industrial automation companies, our values remained intact and we figured that the best way to represent ourselves to our growing customer base and team members was to rechristen ourselves as the “Unified DEL” or UNIDEL. Since then UNIDEL has continued to remain the group’s name and is today the holding company that owns our operating companies in the technology space.

UNIDEL Businesses

UNIDEL companies across the Industrial IoT, FinTech and EdTech segments are designed to re-imagine solutions for current industry challenges.

RM Capital

Rasiklal Maneklal Capital is the UNIDEL’s Family Investment Office providing investment management, asset allocation and a comprehensive set of back-office and middle-office services.

Our Companies

Since 1973 UNIDEL has incubated and backed several companies that have become global market leaders. Two unsuccessful outcomes have provided invaluable lessons in early stage venture incubation. UNIDEL continuously applies its learnings from all its experiences to scale existing businesses and build new ones.

Our Legacy

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