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UNIDEL is an automation technologies group focused on the Industrial IoT, FinTech and EdTech segments
Be Career Ready
Be Career Ready
ProTeen is a Digital Platform that makes Students Career Ready.

ProTeen equips high-school and college students with the awareness and skills they need to make smart academic and career choices for the 21st Century. No matter where they live or study, ProTeen’s Three-Dimensional Awareness helps students build their Career QuotientTM.

Misguided career choices typically result from what the Harvard Business Review calls “poor self-awareness,”. ProTeen is the leading global platform designed to strengthen all dimensions of awareness crucial to making good career choices. Designed for the web and mobile, ProTeen is unique for its proprietary student assessments, 600+ career demos, and 21st Century Certifications – all aimed at preparing students for careers of their choice.

3D AwarenessTM Is Essential For Success
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