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UNIDEL is an automation technologies group focused on the Industrial IoT, FinTech and EdTech segments
Innovation Timeline
Innovation Timeline
Reimagine The Challenge, Innovate The Solution

UNIDEL’s innovation timeline has been built in 4 phases over the last 47 years.


1973 – 1991

  • Electro – Mechanical
  • India Market
  • Indigenous R & D

In our first phase, we were indigenous designers and manufacturers of a wide range of industrial products. Our focus was the domestic Indian market.

Pen Plotter
Strip Chart Recorder
Industrial Chart Recorder
Industrial Chart Recorder
Radio Sonde Ground Equipment
Component Insertion Machine
Time Attendance System
Flat bed X-Y Chart Recorder

1991 – 2008

  • Electronics & Firmware
  • India market
  • Global Technology Partnerships

In 1991, we were disrupted by India’s economic liberalization program. We faced competition from MNCs and to survive we partnered with global automation OEMs to eventually emerge as one of the leading industrial automation groups in India. In 2008, as part of a large industry consolidation, we decided to exit the domestic automation business in favor of our global partners.

Ink Jet Plotter
Non Contact Temperature Measurement System
Industrial Variable Speed Drives
Controllers & Process Automation System
Engineering Scanner
Oil & Gas Software

2008 – 2020

  • Automation Technologies, Cloud & Mobile
  • Global Market
  • Global R & D

In our third phase, we used our experience in industrial automation to build three global software businesses in industries that are being reshaped by technology.

Global EdTech Play
Global FinTech Play
Global Industrial IoT Play

2020 Onwards

  • Multi-Tiered Subscription Models for Global Customers
  • Proven Industry Solutions

As a proactive response to the COVID-19 scenario, UNIDEL companies have leveraged their inherent technical capabilities to build SaaS based business models that offer unique and new ways to address their customers’ business needs.

Performance Reporting & General Ledger On Demand
Next Gen Digital Solutions
Driving Career Readiness

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