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UNIDEL is an automation technologies group focused on the Industrial IoT, FinTech and EdTech segments
UNIDEL Business System
UNIDEL Business Systems
The Operating System For Our Business

UBS is a “tool box” of 15 key principles and systems intended to be a practical, easy to implement and understand business operations system especially designed for tech companies. UBS tools have been developed internally from our years of operating experience and is not built by external consultants. They help UNIDEL companies execute flawlessly and “hit the ball out of the park”.

1. Culture

This is what defines us

2. Core Values

Our guiding principles to stay competitive

3. Venture Funding

Our approach to funding ventures from concept to profitability

4. Strategize, Plan & Track

A number of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual activities/events that help set strategies and execute them. This allows us to keep the business on track with enough early warning signs as good things and bad things happen

5. Task Management

Some simple tips on keeping your inbox and smart phone organized helping you to prioritize your time on a daily basis. This allows you to remain on top of your personal tasks and become a better manager

6. Balanced Score Card (BSC)

A set of principles for diagnosing every challenge you may face and helping you find a creative solution

7. Management GridTheory

A unique way of thinking about your management style, building a crack team and helping you become a stronger leader

8. Vision, Goals and Team Alignment

Reinforcing the organizational vision and goals, fine tuning the alignment, setting up BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) SWOT for the businesses

9. Performance Management System (PMS)

A BSC based system to set goals, measure performance and give periodic feedback. This is the key platform for growing, developing and rewarding our people. It pushes good performers forward and weeds out the laggards

10. Learning & Knowledge Sharing

Based on training needs identified from PMS, impart training to the team as per the training calendar

11. Growth, Visualized

Prominent visual display of key metrics and performance parameters to drive transparency and peer influence to outperform

12. People Strategies

Engaging with the whole company, aligning them to the corporate goals and proactively planning succession

13. Celebrating Performance

Top performers to be identified by ‘Team Success and Learning executive’ and recognized, awarded by the leadership

14. Net Promotor Score

Listening and getting structured feedback from customers and close customer feedback.

15. Knowledge Bank

Maintaining a repository containing databases, IPs, white papers enabling employees to serve customers better

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