It’s widely known that "diamonds are a girl’s best friend" but we also know that diamonds are just carbon atoms, many millions of years old, formed by deep pressure at high temperatures within the earth’s core. The real beauty of diamonds is the sparkle they generate and the value they command.

But interestingly, an uncut diamond rather looks like an ordinary stone - dull and rough. It’s the highly skilled workmanship through a process called “brillianting” that’s responsible for a diamond’s unique cuts and polish which turns them spectacular.

At UNIDEL, we see our three companies, Softdel, Asset Vantage and ProTeen going through their process of “brillianting” as they move upwards in their respective growth journeys.  Every aspect of their operations from engineering to sales to HR is being cut and polished to create the diamond-like sparkle. And just when we think we are done, we start again, lest the shine wears off!  

Our efforts go on as a diamond is forever…